Age - June 18 1979
Height - 5'6
Weight - 135 lbs
Eye Color - Brown
Hair Color - Brown

Jenae grew up in Edmonton Alberta Canada. She lived in Branson Missouri when she was 15. Put these two together and you get a very versatile girl that loves all kinds of music. Growing up Jenae listened to her idols "Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey" as she grew older she listened to more " Alanis Morisette, Tori Amos and many more" Jenae has had many accomplishments in music over the years of writting. She has written over 250 songs. Currently owns her own publishing company in Edmonton "Natural Melody" Jenae also has had 3 of her hit songs used in MTV "Made"
She has also collaborated with "Smidi" another producer and had the song they made aired for 30 seconds on Saturday Night Live in one of there clips. Jenae has produced many local artists in Edmonton. Collaborated with people all over the united states. Jenae has sang at a benefit concert in Rochester New York. Jenae is currently working on a country album with "Corey Johnson" local Edmonton producer with "Sixth Sense Media"